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White Aegis
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Guild News

The Avengers – of Lagendia! (BETA) 14–20 Jul

shadow7485, Jul 14, 12 12:49 AM.
Notice: This event will commence on 14 July at 0900HRS instead to prevent any clashes with the weekly limit reset. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Calling all brave seasoned adventurers of Lagendia!

We have created a new special title just for you: <Avengers of Lagendia>!

Posted Image

How about that for a kick-ass title! Interested? Here’s how you can get your hands on it:

Posted Image

And remember, if we can’t protect Lagendia… you can be darn sure we’ll avenge it!

*Please be informed that the Alter Ego Bonus Chest event will cease on Friday, 13 July 2012 at 2359HRSto pave the way for this new event.

- This event starts on 14 July 2012, 0000HRS and ends at 20 July 2012, 2359HRS (GMT+8).
- Eligible players will get the title the day after they have met all requirements.
- This title is temporary and lasts for 14 days.
- The title will be issued out through the Cash Shop’s Gift Box system.

How to claim your title

1) Meet all requirements within the event period (14 – 20 July)
2) Retrieve the title from your Gift Box in the Cash Shop
3) Access your inventory under ‘CC Tab’
4) Right-click the title in your inventory to redeem it
5) Access your Title Menu through your Character Menu and tick the boxes next to it to equip it 

[Event] Magnificent Rewards with Magnifying Glasses!

shadow7485, Jul 13, 12 6:54 AM.
The Bonus Magnifyque Chests event is back by popular demand for an entire week!

Excited? You should be! From 14th to 22nd July, use a [Magnifying Glass] (Get them from the Cash Shop!) to inspect your Dungeon Chests at the end of the run and you’ll be rewarded with an item from the Bonus Magnifyque Chest for each [Magnifying Glass] used!

Posted Image

You can get as many items as you want from the Bonus Magnifyque Chest within the event period.

The Bonus Magnifyque Chest contains some truly Magnifycent Rewards, so hop on over to the Cash Shop and grab some [Magnifying Glass] to Magnify your weekend today!

- All rewards from the Bonus Magnifyque Chest will be credited to your in-game mailbox the next day before 2359HRS. (e.g [Magnifying Glass] used on 14th July, rewards will be credited on 15th July before 2359HRS.)

*Note: All [Magnifying Glass] used on Friday, 13 June 2012, from 0000HRS onwards will also be counted in for the rewards offered in this promotion. 

[Event] More Storage For Your Buck! (11–13 Jul)

shadow7485, Jul 10, 12 12:28 PM.
We’ve got a Mid-Week Special Promotion that’ll end all of your backpacking and storage woes!

Terms and Conditions
- This promotion starts from 11 July 2012, 0000HRS and ends on 13 July 2012, 2359HRS (GMT+8).
Only purchases made with CC are eligible for this promotion. Purchases made with DNP are not.
- All players who had purchased either Adventure Bag (30 Slots) or Storage Expansion (30 Slots) from 10 July 2012, 0000HRS onwards (but before the deadline) will be eligible for the bonuses offered in this promotion.
- Only purchases of Adventurer Bag (30 Slots) and Storage Expansion (30 Slots) are eligible for this promotion. Other capacities do not count.
- Each account is entitled to only receive a total of 5x Adventurer Bag (30 Slots) and/or 5x Storage Expansion (30 Slots) FREE.
- When purchased as a gift, the player who receives the gift will be the one who receives the bonus Adventurer Bag/Storage Expansion (not the purchaser).
- The Bonus Free Adventurer Bag (30 Slots) and Storage Expanasion (30 Slots) will be credited to all eligible characters on 17 July 2012, before 2359HRS (GMT+8).

[Update] Unicorns, New Costumes, Pet Dyes, And More!

shadow7485, Jul 6, 12 3:30 AM.
New items in Gacha-Box

We’ve added in to the Altea’s Gacha-Box a whole bunch of new items including a special Limited Edition Unicorn mount and Academic jewels and heraldries! We’ve also lowered the chances of getting Low Grade Potential Codes based on your feedback given during MPS/Speedmatch events so that means everyone gets better chances at the rare items available!

Special Package Deal

We know what you want, and we’ve got what you need – in a cheap little package no less! For a limited time (and purchase) only, you can get a whole bunch of essential items at a whopping 41% discount!

New range of fashionable costumes

Be it a grand knight’s full plate armor for warriors, fine dandy suits for cleric, or even a western-esque cowgirl-ish getup for the sorceress, you can be sure we’ve got something new for everyone!

Colour your pets silly with pet dyes

Treat your pets to a whole new variety of different coat colours with our new Pet Dyes! We’ve put in 5 different coloured Pet Dyes and another 5 different coloured Partial Pet Dyes for you to mix and match with. Make your pet distinctive with your own combination of colours today!

Other latest additions

There are still more new items in store for you so check out the updated Cash Shop today!

[Event] Magnify Your Chest Rewards! (24–26 Jun)

shadow7485, Jun 24, 12 3:43 AM.
This weekend, from 24th to 26th June use a [Magnifying Glass] to inspect your Dungeon Chests at the end of the run and you’ll be rewarded with an item from the Bonus Magnifyque Chest for each [Magnifying Glass] used!

You can get as many items as you want from the Bonus Magnifyque Chest within the event period.

The Bonus Magnifyque Chest contains some truly Magnifycent Rewards, so hop on over to the Cash Shop and grab some [Magnifying Glass] to Magnify your weekend today!

*Note: All [Magnifying Glass] used on 23 June 2012, from 0000HRS to 2359HRS (GMT+8) will also be counted in for the rewards offered in this promotion. 
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